Tamara Shulman, Ph.D, FAACP

Dr. Shulman consults to businesses, banks, charities, and other not-for-profit entities, and their executives, managers and employees.

Dr. Shulman’s clients include:

  • public and private companies
  • family businesses
  • banks
  • schools (public, private, and parochial)
  • foundations

She provides a wide range of crisis intervention, staff development, succession planning, communication and conflict resolution services.

Crisis intervention services include workplace violence, bank robbery and hostage situations, post traumatic stress, serious illness, death, succession issues, premerger and post merger (integration) issues, RIF’s and downsizing, staff development and corporate and team development and coaching.

Staff development, succession planning, and conflict resolution services include working with family businesses, educational institutions, and charitable organizations, and their executives and management-level personnel.